No accidents - no surprises

28/03/2015 21:50

Friend, for the Lord, your life has no accidents or surprises.  He knows all.

We see the accidents and surprises as just that but He does not.  All is allowed by Him.  He knows all and our choices bring us to the point of the "accident" or "surprise."

We have free will and go our merry way until that accident or surprise comes along and then we say, "there cannot be a God who would allow this," or "why me?"

This is a form of denial of the Truth of who God is.  It shows we have put God into a box of our own choosing-  someone who would react with our own earthly (sinful) reaction.

If you meditate on this you will see that God is Perfect and Good and all things are going to be according to His Holy Law which governs all things.

Actions bring consequences and not all consequences are going to be good for us but they are the perfect consequence for our sinful actions.

A good look at our life will show this to be true no matter how much we try to justify our actions to others and how many others we can get to agree with us.  This does not matter one iota to God. 

His Law stands and is not changing.

This is to our benefit when we finally come to God realization.  The sooner we get to that point of belief the sooner we start making Godly choices and carrying on our lives in a Godly manner.

Friend, if you are having a troubling time with this fact of one aspect of God then start with the ten commandments and  judge your life's choices by them.  Go deep into the meaning of them and seek for the Godly answer to your questions and you will find out the Truth and see what a mess you have made of your life.

Then you can start to move forward in strong faith.  Knowing the Law is important just as knowing the law of man is important to keep ourselves from constant infractions and fines and jail and restricions to our daily life brought about by breaking man's laws.

The Lord is ever caring for you and trying to guide you away from unGodly choices.  But we like to go our own way.  Listen to his still small voice that tells you to stop and turn around or flee, or quell your anger and bitterness.

If you insist on barging ahead and getting what you want and to hell with the voice of reason, then you will have a consequence you may not like over time.  God won't stop you from having your own free will choices.

You have to choose Him and His guidance freely with love and respect for Him.

Look up and be confident that He is in control and has your best interests at heart.  Just trust Him to do good by you.  He will not forsake you.  You are His beloved child and it grieves Him when you deny Him.