No Other Gods

03/09/2016 21:52

Friend, God must be first in our lives.

There is no other Way that is Right.

He has said in His Word the Holy Bible, that we must have no other God, but Him as our Love, Guide, and Truth.

He has His reasons for this.

The world offers us statues, paintings, carvings and many other kinds of artistic imaginations that are pleasant to our eyes, for decorating our homes and surroundings.

We must be careful and wise.

Satan attaches demons to these images and they can have the ability to "speak" to us and lead us into false ways. Their constant silent presence has a powerful effect on our sanity. We begin to think they bring us "luck" or bless us in some way. (All lies from satanic world)

With our eyes and heart focused on Him we will not be led astray, but taught and guided into the Righteous Ways of the Kingdom.

For instance, Buddha and all the images are lovely to look upon but do not have them in your home or anywhere your eyes will see them on a daily basis.

The teachings of Buddha are good generally, clean living, kindness, generosity to begin and then the books come to be purchased with all the alternative thinking that is not Godly at all. If there is anything in them that is Godly and rings of Truth, it is designed to capture your heart and lead you down the wrong path.

If we could see from God's Perspective, we would see the hordes of souls departing this earth who think they are going to be living the buddhist teachings in the afterlife; and it might be that they will, but that world is owned and operated very stealthily by satan, in Hell. And but for a short time. His reign does end when God says it will.

And all who followed him, no matter how ignorant, will not enter Heaven. Buddha is not the only other false god but is used here as an example of how God sees "other gods" in our lives.

God warns us all through the Bible. His Son is the ONLY Way to the Father.

Always be desiring to follow the Righteous Path, the Godly one that brings everlasting pleasure, no pain or sorrow, no regret, but Joy and Love and Peace and a Bright Future..

A promise made to you by a false god is not an everlasting promise.  That god is lower than the believer in God's eyes.

After all Satan knows much more than we do about the workings of the Kingdom of Heaven because he has been privy to Godly decisions in the past when he was a covering angel to God. It's easy for him to fool us and tug at our heart strings- he knows what we are "wired" to respond to.

He knows how to use those tidbits of Knowledge and twist it to snare us into his ways that lead to Hell where he knows he will need company and souls to torture, manipulate and terrorize for entertainment.

Our pain, humiliation, sorrow, degradation, make him happy and delirious with power. A very low form of power that will not last and he knows it.

Just remember, " No other Gods before the One True God named, Jesus." and focus on Him and Him alone and things will begin to be stabilized in your life.

Get rid of all the unGodly stuff and ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse your home from all evil spirits and see the difference when your heart is fully focused on the One Who died for you to have Everlasting Life of Love and Peace.

That one secret object that would be a shame to get rid of - show God how firm you are about honoring Him and get rid of it. It should hurt! Then you know God is glorfied in Heaven when you do it.

You become that bit closer to Him and that much closer to Pure Love.

Show God He is welcome in your home!