No Prayer Is In Vain

24/04/2015 16:36

Friend, today I am reminded that no prayer is spoken in vain.  It will be answered!

Go to the Cross; the feet of Jesus, at the Mercy Seat and cry out, knowing He hears and will bring things together for you according to His Will for you.  Accept His care and concern and Love and go forward in your day knowing your prayer has been heard.

His plans for us are always moving forward.  Nothing is still with the Lord.  He is full of movement, He is creating, He is alive and doing.  Nothing is stagnant in the spiritual world.

He has not forgotten you.  Are you repentant?  Are you focused on Him?  Is He your Love?

Yes?  Be sure then, that He is for you and not against you!

His Mercy is new every morning towards us.  When we wake, we are showered with Mercy and Love.

Walk in it today! Stay connected to Him and the benefits that are showered upon you daily. 

Praise Him and pray whenever you are reminded of Him. 

A simple, "Praise You, Lord!" said in absolute confidence that He is who He says He is, will keep you in His Presence and able to see with spiritual eyes.