Nothing Worthwhile Comes Without Struggle

24/08/2014 11:20

We all realize that nothing worthwhile comes without struggle in this life.  But in Heaven there will be no struggle.

Here we struggle against principalities and powers of darkness on the earth and in the air surrounding our world.

It is a Biblical fact. Satan and his demonic angels still have power to work on the earth, our soul's home for a short season.  Satan seeks to secure us for himself.  He lures us with things that look innocent enough but ultimately will destroy us.

Nothing Satan gives or allows us to have will ever benefit us eternally.  Everything he offers is only for this short lifespan - it clouds our judgement.  Eternally he offers pain and terror.  Hell is a real place. God has a lake of fire for the damned. 

An eternity away from any goodness and light, remembrance of pain and sorrow is not what I desire and I found the answer to my problem. First I looked out at the world, and in the the darkness I saw Light and recognized a Perfect Being that could never have me in His Eternal Kingdom.

How to get there and not follow all the other poor souls that were going who knew where? But, I knew I would be serving an evil master, doing his bidding and defering to him.  Not for me!

I needed saving because I was not able to save myself.  I was not pure and Holy and could never stand before a Holy God and prove my innocence.  That's laughable, but Satan will tell you that you won't have to do that.  He's the liar of liars.  Do not listen to his rationalizations and justifications of his way being the "free" way.  No his is one of total bondage when you really look at it.

BUT, God has made a Way for us to remove the chains that Satan has put on us, and be really free.  It is in the belief that He sent His Son Jesus to make a Way for us by being a Sacrifice for our sins - those sins that Satan reminds us of all the time. 

Acceptance of Jesus as your Saviour, Redeemer, Lover of your soul, Prince of Peace, Mighty Warrior, Awesome King, Lamb of God , The Sacrifice, gives you the beginning of a new journey on the Way, freedom to speak to Him, and the assurance of a place in the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven, and it says you are NOT GULITY!

Yes, you will struggle a bit because you have been conditioned and disciplined by the evil one!  Just remember that you accepted the Gift handed to you by the bloody hands of your Saviour. Cherish it and keep it safe.

Look to your Counsellor and Comforter to guide and direct you.  Put all your trust in Him and take it all back from Satan.

Praise God for the Plan that checkmated Satan and his army of demons.