Only God Can Restore You

03/09/2014 10:17

God has given us the Holy Spirit. 

When Christ ascended to the Throne, The Holy Spirit became our Advocate, Teacher, Comforter, Counselor, Healer.

He is able to recover, reclaim, restore, renew and rebuild wherever is needed in our lives.

He is ready to bring restoration to our life in Jesus's Name. 

He will help mold our personality into the likeness of Christ.  Our character will be defined by the attributes of God.  Our mind can be healed of it's bad thinking, and new teaching can shape our mind into what God desires for us to be restored and renewed, into a reborn child of God.

The devil and his army of demonic angels has set about to crush and ruin us since we were born.  They seek to break up parents and families.  They use trickery and deceit to keep us off kilter with God.  They love to see us bruised and tarnished by sin.

But God made a Way for us to break free from the chains and shackles of satan.

Take it my friend!  It is yours - a free Gift from God.  Belief in His Son Jesus, (King Jesus to you), will place you on the road to Truth and Freedom.  Guard and keep your new life in Him safe and free from sin. Sing with Joy, paint with Joy, work with Joy, laugh with Joy. Claim that Joy for yourself. Jesus wants it for you!

Blessings to you in the Name of the Most Holy and High God, Jesus the Christ!