Only God Is Righteous

15/05/2016 11:18

Friend, let not your view of righteousness be the end of the matter of righteousness.

Truly, only God is Righteous.

No human is, by their own merit, righteous.

Oh yes, many of us think we are, but many others of us see that is just a facade, and God knows our unrighteousness.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is our Righteousness. Without accepting Him as Saviour, we cannot be called Righteous before God when our time comes to stand before God and be judged.

There will be a Judgement.

To say otherwise is to attempt to fool oneself and others, but what God has said will be.

Denial does not mean innocence, nor does ignorance of Godly things; and God will prove it to you.

The Bible says many will gnash their teeth in fear when we are called to the Judgement.

Friend, there is no way out of the Judgement. None will be excused. Even the believer. There is a Judgement for them as well; not with the same outcomes, but a Judgement just the same.

Before the Judgement, God separates the chaff from the hay; or the sheep from the goats.

There will be no time to advocate or search for solutions to your problem. In an instant, God will separate us.

Where will you go? With the sheep who followed the Lamb of God or with the goats who wandered far away and did as they pleased, putting off their decision to rightfully choose the Son of God?

Give this question much thought.

Where will you go? Sheep or Goats?

The sheep are covered in the Righteousness of Jesus remember!

Today, right now, if you "get" what the Bible says, you may speak to God about your predicament, and tell Him you choose Jesus.

Ask  Him to help your unbelief, because you recognize you are a goat, and now want to be included in His Plan for the Kingdom and learn about what Jesus has done for you.