Our Will

03/08/2018 21:54

Friend, the Christian life on this earth is all about our will.

Will we, or won't we, conform to God's Will for us?

We are here for a reason, and it is not to please ourselves rolling around in evil "delights."

On our own, we cannot do anything, but with our Lord and Saviour, all things are possible and we will be Victorious in Him. No question.

Always evil desires our downfall.

Evil delights invariably lead us into darkness.

Evil wants us to fail in our God given right to have Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God.

Evil actually hates mankind. 

Evil is jealous of us.

The devil has seen God, face to face. He knows the Power God has, the Beauty and Holiness of our Lord, but does not want us to be aware of it. He constantly is at our heels nipping away at our confidence, our Truth, our belief in God. 

God allows the devil to have this "right" to tempt us. ( For Holy Lawful Purposes of which we do not need to know; believing God is Just and Loving towards us.)

God shows us this by allowing Jesus to be tempted also.

God sent His Only Son to be our Saviour.

The Father allowed His Son to be tempted in the desert, it is written and Jesus showed us by His Answer to satan, that He would not be accepting any of the offerings from satan; that He would live by the Word of God and needed nothing else to survive life on earth, even unto His own death caused by satan.

This is our example.

We should live to do the Father's Will just as Jesus did. 

In our own strength we cannot do it, but with Jesus the Son Who Is also God, it is possible.

Accepting His Forgiveness for our sins of which He knows every one, believing He died as an atonement to the Father for our sins, and that He rose from the dead alive on this earth to be transported without dying again, to sit at the right hand of the Father as our Intercessor and Saviour, gives us the right to call on Him at any time for anything. 

We should be willing to trust Him in His decisions for us, whether to give us what we ask, or to completely survey the problem in an instant and bring about the Holy and Lawful outcome to our requests, in His Timing (for He knows all things).