Outward Distractions

29/11/2015 11:27

Friend, we must remember that outward distractions are an impediment to the Divine Will for our life.

The Will of God is; to Love us completely and fill us to overflowing with His Love; to give us a Peace in our soul and spirit that is beyond what this world can offer; to give us a God understanding/Knowledge that will help us to walk in this world unscathed; to fill us with Light so we can be a light to others; to teach us Truth and make a Way for us; to show us how to discern with Godly intentions, and fill us with all Wisdom for our journey.

These are just the basic Gifts He gives - and it is up to us to accept each one.

Sometimes, we push certain Gifts away thinking we'd like to do it our way or on our own terms but that is not wise.

Then the outward distractions that are not viewed from a God standpoint of Wisdom and Discernment, are given a foothold from the devil - who seeks to destroy us.

When we have let many demons in, and we are steadily working on getting rid of them as we recognize their character; and we understand they mean to keep us from our Godly right of being adopted into the Family of God through the Blood shed at Calvary for us by Jesus, we need to be firm within ourselves and apply all the teachings of Jesus to those strongholds, so that as we get rid of the legions who have taken up residence in our body, we don't allow others to enter, in their many disguises - usually excuses raised by the consciousness within the soul.

Never take the "Oh, poor me," attitude or make excuses.

Be strong and firm against the devil and his minions as you do have the power to make Godly choices for your life even when in extreme circumstances.

God's got you and the Son is Strong and Powerful and the devil is just that, the devil. To God he's a pest that is going to be eliminated and along with him all the demons and those who have followed him into madness. 

The time may be soon when that begins to happen. The Bible says now is the accepted time to repent and ask forgiveness and receive the Son as your Lord and Saviour.

Bless you, friend.