13/08/2014 10:49

A wonderful Christian singer Vicki Yohe sings; I want a peace beyond my understanding, I want to feel it  pour like rain in the middle of my hurting.

Isn't this what we all want?

God has it. Jesus offers it to you today.  Each day is a new day filled with God's Peace and Mercy.

We have to yield to it to receive it.  The easiest way to yield the flesh is through praise.  During this time we can realize who we are, that we are the created one and we can look up to the Creator and tell Him how much He means to us.

Friend, run to the Mercy Seat of God and cry out to Him.  Let it not be about you, but about Him.  There is mercy at the Mercy Seat of God.  He allows us to go to the Holy Place where His Mercy flows freely when we are covered by the Blood of Christ.