Perfection Of Character

17/02/2017 21:05

Friend, the struggle you are in, is going to lead to perfection of your character according to God's Will for you.

Lean into God. Call on Him. Assure Him you will never leave Him. Ask Him to help you when your thoughts turn to straying because the load is heavy.

Trust Him for all the answers. Learn of His Character and the Attributes He has and allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your path into the newness of a changed for the Good, heart and mind.

Father God desires this change in us. It is His Will for us.

In being so, it must be Good for all He does is Good.

Be open to growing in Knowledge of Him. Weed out all the "other" lowly and base knowledge that the world offers. It has all been tainted by evil.

God has designed His Own Way for each of us and He does not want us to be confused or confounded by the intricate weavings of other truths that are embellished versions of copied Truths - making them false!

Yes, the devil and his demons are liars. They can only copy and embellish what they have seen in the Heavenlies thereby making them false teachings.

God would not let them use Perfect Holy Knowledge for evil, so they distort it and embellish with words and descriptions our itching ears want to believe.

Every native land has it's own ancient cultures and rituals that are uholy. Turn away from them. New religions are starting up all the time. They are basically cults.

But God has left His Word for us to use as a sounding board for "other teachings." His Word will expose untruth to your mind and heart.

Yes, God wants us to get to know Him through His Word.

In it we will find the Holy Spirit. We will come to know Jesus and in knowing Jesus, we come to know the Father.

We must begin our Christian Journey in this lifetime.

God calls us to Him and leads us to His Word.

We find all the Godly Advice, Comfort, Peace, Love, and any Knowledge we will need to keep on the Path of Righteousness.

Do all believers reach Godly Perfection before they die?

No. But when we get to Heaven and we say we know the Lord, He will not say to us, "I did not know, you."

We should want to hear, "Well done, good and faithful, friend."