Permanently Anchored

25/06/2016 10:21

Friend, have you trusted God to where you consider yourself permanently anchored to Him?

This is where we all need to be.

Permanently anchored to Him.

God tells us in His Word, the Holy Bible, that we have all gone astray.

He wants us back.

He has done everything He can within His Free Will Gift to us, to draw us back to Him, permanently.

That's what this life is all about.

God taking back all who accept Him as King.

We come in to this life and are constantly bombarded by evil forces that desire to keep us unenlightened.

They must "enlighten" us in the false way so that many of God's chosen are deceived.

Do not be one of them!

Be aware of evil's intent towards you. Ask God to show you the Truth. Test your beliefs to see if they stand against the Word of God.

Discard all things that do not line up with God's Word.

Be prepared to drive out all evil and cleanse your mind so that God's Word has a home to grow.

You can see from what He has created that He is Good.

Delve into His Law and see that it is Good for you.

Evil will want to attack you and bring you down, but friend, that is what evil has always done. What's new?

God will give you the Grace you need and the boldness to do as He wills so that you can be permanently anchored to Him.