Pleasant Illusions

20/03/2016 12:40

Friend, the Holy Scriptures say that we humans love "pleasant illusions;" preferring them to God's Truth.

The Great Deceiver is able to captivate us with these "pleasant illusions" and we fall into the depths - many to become masters in our own captivity, not understanding that what we believe is a fabrication foisted on our inquiring minds at a time when we were vulnerable; not having the Word of God in our soul.

God tells us plainly, in very simple terms, that the Way to Heaven is through acceptance of His Son, Whom He sent to be a Saviour Redeemer; through the forgiveness of our sins. That forgiveness, enables us to come boldly before the Throne of Grace and Mercy.

The unforgiven may not do this - there is a great spiritual gulf between them and God.

A "pleasant illusion" can be as simple as believing that all men are good.

We should examine what we believe with the Holy Spirit's help; asking Spirit to reveal to us our "pleasant illusions" that are not in keeping with God's Word.

Open the Holy Bible and read the Truth, straight from the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, Jesus.

His Word will convict of many things that need to be readdressed in our life.

Be strong and determined to make the changes in your spirit that will eternally benefit your soul, and those pleasant illusions will be sent back to where they belong, Hell.

God will help you when you depend on Him for strength, taking it one day at a time, staying within His Will as if it is a great umbrella, never stepping out from under it, but receiving all the Light and Life you need under the umbrella. You can walk anywhere on earth, inside buildings, on mountaintops, under the sea, even when you sleep; but always under the umbrella of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.