Praise God

13/02/2015 20:42

Friend, can you say "Praise God!"?

Do you know what to praise Him for?

Has He not shown Himself to be Goodness?

Begin to praise Him.  Allow the words to come from your mouth.  Let your mind say "Praise God" over and over.

Even in the storms of life begin to say this.  It will calm you and maybe the storm if it is His Will.

"Praise You, Lord for your Goodness."  

"Praise Jesus who is Lord." These bring you closer to Him and open a secret pathway to His Goodness that unlocks a storehouse of blessing for you.

Seek this state of praise and blessing often because it is yours as a child of God.

Your blessing will be filled with a new understaanding of who Jesus is and how much He loves you and how His Grace is sufficient for you to live this life even in the storms.

As you walk further down the Path, you will find new things to praise Him for.

Praise is the instrument God allows to open our own heart to new knowledge of His Truth.

We can never do it by reasoning or human logic.