Praise Him

09/11/2014 14:56


The Bible says that Jesus inhabits the praises of His people.

There is so much goodness to receive when praising Him.

In genuine praise, God cannot deny our love for Him.

He feels our heart and mind loving on Him and He responds in the same manner - but with His Love comes peace and joy and compassion and kindness and in many instances healing. 

Praise brings Him closer and opens the floodgates of His Love to pour down blessings on you.

It's a spiritual thing.  Where you are open to receive these things, you will. 

Live so closely to Him that you know what to let go of and how to cleanse yourself from bad thoughts and evil intents to others so you can receive His blessings.

Praise Him for your salvation.  Call Him Saviour, Lifegiver, Creator of All Things, Peacemaker, Mender of Hearts and Minds, Provider of all Needs, The Holy One.

Is He Glorious, Eternal, Magnificent, Amazing, Wisdom, Law, Merciful, All Powerful?  Tell Him that you recognize that He is those things and add to them your personal discoveries of His Attributes.

Raise your hands to Heaven and tell Him you love Him and Praise Him for who He is.