Praise Him

19/01/2015 15:46

Rejoice in the Lord always!

Rejoice because He has chosen you!

Thank Him for the Way He has carved out for you.  It is especially tailored to your soul and spirit's needs.

He knows every hair on your head and when one falls. 

He cares for you and has suffered wounds to His flesh body and agonizing pain to His own Spirit because you have denied Him, but still He cares for you.

While you were sinning against Him - He was loving you.

He sees the big picture.  He knows what you have suffered.  He could not stop it because He first gave to us free will choice and those who hurt you have the free will to do it.  He knows though what you can bear, so never give up, but look to Him and speak with Him about your situation.

He will be Merciful to you and when you have walked through the fire,  you will see that He has been merciful to you. 

Let praises to Him rise from your innermost being when you understand Who He Is.  Dance like King David and call out to the Lord and tell Him what you have found to be true about Him.  You will connect with the Spirit and be one with all the souls and angels that raise their voices to Him in praise.

Is He;  Beautiful, Truth, Light, Life, Eternal, Caring, Loving, Father, God, Able to do All Things, Blessed, Amazing, Magnificent, Glorious,  Name Above All Names, Lord of All, King of Kings, Saviour, God on High, Protector, Merciful, and Supplier of all our needs?  

Tell Him in praise and worship Him for His Goodness and Mercy towards you and your loved ones.

Expect nothing but give to Him His due - Praise & Worship!