Praise The Lord

22/04/2020 21:45

Praise The Lord for He has done great things above what seemed possible in my life!

He is an Amazing God and He is Perfect in all He does!

He has listened to me and worked a beautiful tapestry of my life, that to others is all tattered and not very pretty. 

But I know what He had to work with, and can look back at the threads, and see how strong He has made them; and the Craftsmanship is so beyond what man can weave. 

From a distance the tapestry is so beautiful but up close, makes no sense!

Ha! He is a Master Magician Who deals in Truths, Who is Beautiful Himself so how could He not make something Beautiful!

He is The Magician who men strive to be like, but must use smoke and mirrors.

He is the Film-maker who produces an Amazing and Magnificent work of art drawn from living characters, with a cast of thousands. He weaves beautiful words, and feelings into the scenes that keep us wondering, but we see also behind the scenes and realize He is The Master of All Things Great and Good.

He is Amazing friends!

Praise His Name, Jesus!