22/11/2015 10:14

Friend, do you understand praise?

Praise of God is not like praise of another human being.

Our reward when we praise God is that we become closer to Him and He enters praise that is offered to Him in truth from our hearts and mind.

His infinite compassion is extended to us when He hears that we have an understanding of His Goodness. That is what praise recognizes, His Purity of Goodness, for ourselves and for others.

When He enters the realm of our praise to Him, we are joined in a Godly embrace. He knows we love Him and He fills us with His Love. We benefit by His presence in us and our spirit is uplifted and our soul feels great love.

Praise is a tool as well, when we are feeling low, that is a great time to praise Him. It is an acknowledgement that He is above our sorrow, anger, unbelief, whatever the situation may be and when praised in a true knowing that He is God, and sees it all, we are transported to a realm above the problem and this defeats what evil has placed in our path.

Praise is the answer to any of our problems!