Pray For Loved Ones

21/02/2015 14:08

Friend, the Lord has paid for all of our sins.  All mankind.  It is up to us to recognize that He has done this, and so receive the gift of eternal Life from Him.

If we have truly received this Gift, we will have a heart that longs for others in our lives, to have the same.

When hearts and minds are turned away in denial, it is by prayer for them, that the chains of bondage begin to be broken and the Lord can and will save them.

Their fate is not sealed while they live.  Through recognition of who Jesus is and repentance they can be saved.

He will not force them against their will.  They have free will choices to make while alive.

Prayer for their salvation is a weapon we can use against satan in their lives, as he strives to keep them in denial and sin.

Always be filled with hope for their eventual salvation.  Believe they will receive it and be ready to speak of spiritual things you have learned that are Godly, based on the Bible.

Do not confuse them with a blend of your own personal beliefs that have not been proven by the Bible, to exist.

We are cautioned against that type of thinking in God's Word.  There is much that is a mystery but He chooses to keep it a mystery.  He says do not go into that territory as humans have big imaginations and this is where demons lurk.

We can spend a lifetime and never find Jesus in those types of esoteric belief systems.

Jesus is the answer.  He is the Way.  God has said that those who do not believe in Jesus as His Son - who He sent as a Sacrifice for our sins, will not be recognized by Him at the Judgement to come.

Your family and friends and co-workers and those in authority over you can all be saved through your prayers.  We can pray for the Salvation of our leaders, our neighbours, even those who are our enemies!

Believe and pray!