Pray For Wisdom

10/03/2015 15:41

Friend, if you do not know what to pray for, or have never prayed to Jesus before, here is your answer.

Pray for wisdom.

Maybe you have a situation and in all your imagiinings, you have not found an answer - how to solve the situation in the best way.

Pray for Godly wisdom in that situation.

Pray for God's wisdom for your life's choices. 

Wisdom is the best gift of God for humans. Be prepared to walk in the Way of Wisdom.

It may involve giving up long held truths and idosyncracies of the mind and body but practising Godly Wisdom will benefit your soul in the long walk of faith before you.

What seems impossible to us is very possible to God but He needs a willing soul.

We must be like clay on the Potter's wheel - allowing Him to make something beautiful out of a dry and crumbling piece of clay.

Allow Him to soak you in His Wisdom until you are just right for molding into a beautiful shape of His choosing.