28/08/2015 11:50

Friend, we communicate with God through prayer.

Some think they have to have long eloquent prayers to speak to Him.

But, this is not the case.

It's the state of the heart and mind that reveal themselves to God (and ourselves) when we pray, as the Holy Spirit repeats to Jesus (our Intercessor in Heaven), in great emotional Heavenly Language, our prayers.

So, just address Him (Jesus) and admit Who He Is in your own words, ( my Saviour, Lord, Father, God, ) and let your feelings and requests be known to Him, ending your prayer with "All things according to Your Will."

Simple - that's it!

When you need help immediately - "Father God, help me! In Your Holy Name, Jesus. Amen." 

When something happens that brings you joy or fulfills a need - "Thank You, Jesus, for meeting this need! Amen."

At other times pray for others and their needs and give thanks and send your love  to Him for all He does for you.

Let Him know you are seeing His Handiwork in your life and the life of others. He is not a far away God. 

He is right here. Picture Him walking beside you. Or you can follow Him, walking in His footsteps. Or you can take hold of the hem of His garment to stay connected to Him as you go about your day.

Always acknowledge Him in all you see and thank Him, too.

Put Him in His Righteous Place and that is at the Head of your life, the One who is over you in all things.

When you do these things, you will begin to change, into the soul He molds with loving hands.

Pray constantly. Let your life be a prayer - with never a moment unconnected from Him.

Bless you, friend.