Prayer And Praise Are The Answer

28/11/2014 11:08

Friend, do you desire to have peace in your soul?

Are you sick and tired of the bad habits and fears and unrest that plagues you?

Jesus tells us to cast off the old garment that the soul has wrapped itself in - the bad habits, the addictive behaviour, the fear, the worry.  You know your own old garment better than anyone other than God, because you have allowed by your choices the garment that now is choking you.

Symbolically cast it aside, rip it from you and step out into the Light and jump by faith into the crystal clear river of water that is flowing gently by to cleanse you.

Make the decision that you will not look back and begin to praise the Lord for the cleansing water.  In prayer ask for His blessing to keep you on the Path of New Life in Him.

Whenever you are tempted, for you will be, raise your hands in praise and go to Him in prayer.  Praise and prayer brings you closer to Him. He inhabits the praises of His people and you find the answers and peace you need to go forward.

Be genuine because He discerns the motives of the heart and mind and cannot react with love to a false or fake request.

Praise and prayer are the answer, my friend!