Prayer Is A Weapon

29/05/2015 15:10

Friend, do you feel like you are being attacked?  Does it seem you cannot advance in the faith?  Are you "held back" by an unseen force?

The Holy Spirit urges us to pray at all times. Prayer is the answer the Holy Bible says.  The Father hears all our prayers.  It is the weapon we can use against our adversary, the devil and his demonic army.

They are the ones who are keeping you from God.  They want to see you disassociate from your connection to the Spirit and Jesus.

Why would this be?  Because they know that eventually you will understand that the only thing that will conquer them in your life is prayer from a faithful and grateful heart.

We are in a battle daily with evil, and prayer is our only defence. 

Use it wisely. Pray for yourself and others like you never have before, and pray continuously, as you go about your day. Praise the Lord for His knowledge and the answers He has for your problems.  Be available with a humble heart to receive all He has for you.  Recognize His hand at work and thank Him, because He will change things to make a way for you even when you don't see results quickly - He is at work when you pray and praise.

Ask for wisdom and safety for the journey of life.  Ask for urgent needs to be fulfilled. Ask Him to change your heart to know Him on a deeper level, to understand His Law and judgements. Pray for your loved ones to have Salvation, to have softened hearts and minds that will accept Jesus as Lord.

If you are in danger, ask the Lord to surround you with His Holy angels to protect you.

King Solomon decided long ago that to ask God for Godly wisdom was the best request a man could make of God.  Wisdom will tell you to wait on God, to obey God, to learn from God, to love God, to have a personal relationship with God. When you do this He will fill you with abundant life and inner joy, give you an understanding beyond what evil can offer, of the world and heaven.  Your knowledge will pervade all your choices and be pleasing to God from whom blessings and love are flowing to you when you allow God to be the only One you look to for answers.

We are given prayer as a weapon to use and as a means of having a personal relationship with the Father.