Prayer Is Important

02/09/2014 11:25

Even Jesus prayed! Yes, He often during His ministry went somewhere quiet so He could pray.  It is recorded that He asked two of His disciples to stand watch while He prayed about the Crucifixion to come, and they fell asleep!

The Bible tells us in many verses how to pray.

Prayer opens doors for you that you never thought possible.  Genuine prayer shows God that you are aligned with Him and willing to allow His Will to be your pathway. 

When you pray and then go your own way, you pray falsely.

The more attuned you can be to God's Will, the quicker your answers and guidance come. Be waiting for God's Will and you will be surprised and amazed at where He takes you and how He overcomes your problem.

When praying, begin with worship.  This is you telling Him how amazing He is.  An unbeliever cannot say the words.  They do not believe so no words of praise will come from their mouth that will touch the Heart of God. He cannot respond to flattery or deceit.  It will bounce off Him so to speak, not reach Him perhaps but He does not repsond to anything that is false.

Do you love nature?  Tell Him how wonderful His creation is, how you love the work of His hands. 

Are you glad that He died for your sins?  Thank Him.

Do you love Him?  Just say, "I love You, Lord."

Are you thankful that he holds everything in His hands?  Tell Him so!

After you have entered the gates of His palace, the Temple of His Glory, with praise and thanksgiving then you may let your requests be known to Him.

This is when you say everything that is of concern to you. Your problems, your issues, your inability to live a Godly life, anything you want - ask for His help.

Take some quiet time after this and listen. If you get answers the correct response is, "Thank you, Lord," "Yes, Lord", "Praise you Lord", " Help me to do that, Lord" etc.

End with, "I bless the Name of Jesus and all requests be in His Holy Name and according to His Will." Amen. 

Many Christians of long standing, say, "In Jesus's Name, amen."

Note:  The Book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament is a great guide to how to pray.