Pride Is The Enemy

28/02/2015 09:12

Friend, the world calls us to be filled with pride.  But the Lord, says the proud will not enter the Kingdom.

Pride keeps us from being available to God.  Pride says we must be our own person.  We must accomplish things on our own.

But the Lord asks us to allow Him to be the Leader of our souls.

Which will it be for you?

We can go forward in His strength and power and let the strength and power of the world slip away from us.

To go forward with Jesus is a choice.  To go forward with the world is a given.

He asks us to go forward with Him so His strength and power in us will prevail over our circumstances.

As His power builds in us, we become stronger than the worldly strength we used to have.  We can look back and see how it was a weakness. 

That independence was costly for our soul, but now we can be on the right Path and gain a new dependence on our Saviour who will guide and direct our paths to Victory in Him and His Purposes.