29/04/2015 14:49

Friend, pride will keep us captive to the evil forces that are at work in this world - having been given this area of influence by Almighty God.

Pride is a killer of faith and belief because it places itself high above God in our lives.

God must be number one in your life.  It is the best place for Him and the safest one for your soul.

Pride must always be told to leave and shunned.

If you have pride, you must begin to govern it and reduce it's influence by prayer,  asking Jesus for help.

He will not deny you in this.

Probably our worst prideful attitude is the one where we think we are correct and "right" all the time no matter what the issue is.

Closely examine your attitude and see if there is pride ingrained in your personality.  Ask the Lord to show you when you are prideful.  The Spirit will convict you and then do your best to stop that type of behaviour or reaction.

Realize that you don't really lose anything by killing pride, but you gain so much in the Kingdom of God when you are able to rid yourself of pride.