Psalm 118:24

26/12/2014 09:34

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad  in it.

Friend, we have another day to rejoice and be glad!

Let us do it!

Give thanks to Him who loves you!

Praise Him for this new day!

Love Him for His Goodness and Mercy!

Approach Him as a little child!

Thank Him for hearing your requests!

Leave them at the foot of the Cross and walk away cleansed!

Be glad that you have a Saviour King who cares for you and is making a way straight for you to come to him and have everlasting life - no pain, no suffering, no remembrance of past sins - only joy and companionship as we fulfill the needs of Heaven.

He says to us, "One day you will be free from wounds and pain, and your tears will be those of joy and you will delight in My constant Presence, dear one."

Bless the name of Jesus!