Psalm 4:4

16/07/2016 20:58
Meditation   Verse   
Scripture.  Stand in awe, and sin not, commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still.  Psalm 4: 4  KJV
When I  take my eyes off all the busyness of daily living, the chores, the duties, the goals, the obligations, the worries, the tragedies, I could go on and on - I stop, stand and see the magnificence of who God is.
Man plants a tiny seed and soon we have vegetables, herbs, and life giving edible foods!
Consider a blade of grass that springs forth from the earth as fodder for animals, the flowers and trees, the animals, the oceans, the stars and universes and then, the human being. This  is His Creation. He designed the intricacies of all things. Our hearts and minds are His design. The seeds, the animals, the weather, the vegetations, the rivers and beaches. It is His Voice that calms the seas and tells them where to move, and He sets the tides and moon cycles. There is nothing that He has not designed and created and put in place.
I hope you, like me, stand in awe of all He has wrought!  It is magnificent and unfathomable.
Originally created without sin, this world was perfect.
But sin entered in and has taken many captive and sadly, not only us, but the whole world and everything in it.
It is a Mystery of God's Plans and Law that He allows this; but He would not allow it if He did not have a Plan of Redemption to overcome and punish evil.
All we have is God's Word and the beauty of His Creation to remind us of who He is.
We cannot see Him as Adam did. 
Evil has power over this world now.
We will always struggle against it, or join it, until God's end time Plan is put into motion and finalized.
This scripture is an important one because it tells us what to do to come to the full realization of who God is.  In creation we see the workings of a Good God who has allowed sin, in His own infinite wisdom, to mar our world. 
When we lay still and commune on our bed, we will see a God who is awesome.  There is no other like Him.
Lord, meet me as I lay on my bed and show me your Greatness, unveil the grandeur of creation that I have taken for granted, layer by layer until I have an understanding of Your Goodness.  And keep me from sinful thoughts and actions I pray. Teach and guide me into the Holy Ways that lead to eternal Life in the Kingdom.  Help me to see Who You Are and to accept Your Great Love for me so that I have the strong unbreakable belief in You and Your Way and Will for mankind. Amen