Psalm 69:5 Meditation Verse

04/04/2016 10:08
Meditation Verse     
Scripture.  O God, thou knowest my foolishness; and my sins are not hid from thee.  Psalm  69:5
King David  cries to God of his foolishness.  He admits to God that He is a sinner.
This is the attitude that David comes to the Lord with.  He acknowledges his own frailty, even though he is a king himself and rules the people of God. 
David has access to God, he is sure of it. He speaks (prays), knowing he is heard, loved and cared for.
He has been appointed by God to rule on earth.  God chose human vessels with all their inherent weaknesses, when the people asked for an earthly king to rule over them. It was not time for the return of Jesus.
God gave His ruling on evil and it's time was not up when the Israelites asked for a king.
David knows that God is aware of all the foolish and sinful things he has done.  But he is not afraid of God.  He speaks to God respectfully but also as a friend, an intimate.
A humble heart, one who knows that God is greater, can bow down and say, "Oh God, You know how foolish and sinful I am, forgive me."
Lord, thank You for showing me this scripture.  Guide me into a relationship with You that is like the one You had with king David.  I want to be an intimate of Yours. Amen.