Psalm 71:3 Meditation Verse

24/02/2015 06:17



Scripture.  Be Thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort: Thou hast given commandment to save me, for Thou art my Rock and my Fortress.  Psalm 71:3  KJV

This psalm shows us how to think of our God.

He can be our Strong Habitation where we can continually run for refreshing, for comfort, and spirit renewal. 

He wants us to run to Him.  He is waiting with outstretched arms to hold us, to show us His Power and Majesty.  Reading His Word is one way we can run to Him.  He can guide and teach us and comfort and counsel us, and answer all our questions,  through the words in many of the verses.  Especially the New Testament if you are a new believer.

He is the Rock that we lean on, immovable in His Ways and Unchanging in His Law, not tossed to and fro as we are, from one thought to another, tempted and tested by evil.

Meditate on the Strength and Power of God and how He cares for us.


Lord, thank You for being the Fortress I run to when I am in need.  Help me to stand stronger in faith each time.  Amen.