Psalms - Fulfilling, Insightful, Encouraging & Interesting

19/07/2014 14:08

Are you wondering where you could find a book in the Bible that will be fulfilling, insightful and encouraging as well as interesting?

I think Psalms is one of those books that would fill that request.

Many of them are written by King David during his reign. David loved the Lord and desired to rule the people in a Godly manner.  Reading through the Psalms is like reading King David's diary.  It contains his thoughts, and the anguish he is going through at certain times and the thankfulness he has in his heart for what God does and how God makes a way for him.

King David had a personal concern for his people just as God has a personal concern for each one of us.

David writes words the Lord has put on his heart  about how to serve and worship God.  We see how David an earthly king, spoke to God the King of Kings, in these Psalms and we can know that this is how we may speak to God!

For example, Psalm 3:1  Lord, how are they increased that trouble me!  Many are they that rise up against me.

How simple is his prayer!  He just tells it like it is.  He knows that God sees. 

We can speak to God in the same way.  He listens. 

He wants us to speak to him and tell Him of our troubles, be it a sickness, or any problem. 

Speaking to God is very cathartic.

It will bring relief of strongly suppressed thoughts and emotions.  If we have a problem we can know that God understands and will guide us onto the path that will bring us the best relief.

David's answer comes in verse 3 of Psalm 3.  "But Thou o Lord, art a shield for me; my glory and the lifter up of mine head."

This too is your answer!  Be encouraged!  He is your shield, and He cares for your soul.

Shield the glory of God that is within you, from the sickness or problem.  Hold on to that beauty which you have found in you and protect it, nurture it ( feed on God's Word) and it will grow into a mighty light, to bring you much inner joy and happiness.

Recommended reading Psalm 18.  A song that David wrote to the Lord.