23/05/2016 08:31

Friend, let us always remember that God always has the purification of our soul in mind in all his dealings with us.

Never is it His intention to inflict harm or pain on us.

By following His Will and seeking to live within His Will minute by minute, we will be guided to walk through the trials unscathed.

It is when we decide to follow and then hold back our faith or go our own way that calamity falls around us. But, it is not God who causes this. Evil is always lurking and when we step out of His Will, evil has it's mess ready and waiting for us to step into.

At that point, we have made things harder for ourselves, but God can and will guide us back onto the Righteous path when we ask Him to.

It is always our choice, and we must ask. Faith in Him is the bridge we cross back over to the Will of God.

God is in the Purification of our soul's business as well as the Saving of our soul's, business.

He wants to save us and He wants to begin the process of purification.

Purification will benefit us. Our minds are renewed and taught about the Love of God and all His Wonderful Attributes.

He is our role model, the One we should be emulating.

Seek Him and all His Righteousness and your way here on earth will be illuminated by His Light and Love.

Only good and beautiful things can come to you as you walk through the trials that we all must have. But, you will be an overcomer like Job and you will have been an instrument for Love's use on this earth.