The Question of, "Killing For God"

28/06/2019 21:07

It has come up for much discussion in the last few decades; although it has always been a question of stumbling along the Path of Righteousness; "Is killing in God's Name correct?"

First the answer is "No."

Wholesale killing of people who do not agree with our views is never sanctioned by God. The idea of eliminating groups or types of people based on colour, beliefs, morals, practices, principles, tribes, countries, politics or any other reason devised by wicked minds, is not called for by God.

Who are we to judge fairly, completely and according to Law, another person or persons; to know their innermost thoughts? Only God knows each individual; the heart and mind.

God desires that every one of us, even though a sinner most vile, would voluntarily seek Him when they are in distress and learn of His Love for them, choose to believe, and be a faithful follower of Him.

To God, we are the human race.  All of us. He sees our souls and spirits and judges our worth by our belief in His Son and what Jesus did on the cross for us. 

He alone will separate us at the appointed time in the afterlife when we stand before Him at the Judgment. 

Every soul knows that Judgment is coming. 

Many deny it but that only shows the state of their soul. 

Unbeliever. They are cheating God. 

He gave them this life to overcome sin and they, once receiving life and deciding that "there is no God," because of difficulties they have had, choose to live apart from God. 

But, God is everywhere and knows and sees all things. There is no fooling God. 

At the Judgment all is revealed and He alone will separate us.

The one who sneaks in the same door when we are weak-mindedly searching for God is satan and his demons. They are the ones who convince our high minded self that God would love us more and even make us a martyr if we were to kill His enemies. Those demons will even tell us that they are God, and point out "the enemies of God" they wish to have destroyed. They will use the Name of Jesus to convince you.

Don't be fooled. God does not need you to kill someone for Him.

No, those people who are killed in that way are the ones also, whom He seeks to have choose Him. They may be offending God but He alone knows how to bring them into the fold of God. 

To kill them off before they get a chance to turn from their evil ways and cry out to Him, is going against God's Law and Will.

Any religion that says it follows God's Law and sanctions killing another person for any reason is not a religion that God recognizes.

In the Old Testament, people were beholden to God's Law which did not include the Law of Grace, but were able to receive Mercy. We find that through men whom God had chosen and prophets, God guided His people the Israelites out of Egypt and gave them lands inhabited by heathens who never would accept Him because of their inherent evil which God saw clearly the fullness of. God ordered the Israelite warriors to "kill them all," in order for the Israelites not to be infected with the heathens evil ways in the land He ushered them into. 

But killing humans for God is not the case since His Christ paid the price for all sinners, and made a Way for us who would believe, under a New Covenant added to The Old testament Law, of which Jesus is the Judge. 

A Covenant, which is for all people, not just the Israelites. 

At any time, on any day or night, a person may decide to accept the New Covenant and follow Jesus in humble thanks for the Holy Work of making a Holy Lawful Covenant for all. 

A New Way for Redemption has been added to the Law for mankind, because God loves His Son, and He loves His Creation, and does not wish for any to perish under the Old Testament Law.

But it is each individual's choice while we are alive on earth, to make. 

For against God. 

If we are for God, then we are for all that He Is. There is no picking and choosing of His Attributes to agree or not with. God is not going to change one iota of His Law to accomodate our way of thinking how things should be. He sees the Big Picture that includes all He has created eternity before we arrived here, and eternty after we leave here. His truth will prevail for all.

This is a new era and has been for 2000 years and counting. We live under the Law of Grace since The Great Sacrifice of The Son of God; until He, Christ, returns. 

We each can choose this Grace; the Law of The New Covenant. That is why the bible is called The good News. It contains the Good News that Christ died for our sins and if we accept His Sacrifice for our sins we can be Redeemed back into the fold of The Kingdom.

At an appointed time there will be Judgement of all souls. 

We must be born-again, washed by the Blood Sacrifice, saved into Christianity, faithful believers, who will be judged separatly at the White Throne Judgement where we will give an account of how we spent our time while here, and what we did with our resouces while here. 

Zealots, crusaders, fanatics who add their own interpretations to what the Bible says, are following their own self (human) made ideas and ideals, not following The Holy Spirit Who represents God on earth; Who is our Counsellor, Teacher, Guide and fully God, those will be made ready for the Great Judgment.

Today we can kneel at the Cross and lay our thought burdens, all our sins against humanity (which are ultimately against Him) at the foot of the Cross; and receive Forgiveness for repentant hearts and minds.

Search the soul and ask for cleansing of the spirit because of what you find therein.

It should be abhorrent to you. The Holy Spirit convicts us of the wilfulness within, the turning away from God, the immoral desires of the flesh, the high-minded thoughts of the mind.

God handed us a Gift of Life that we have not cherished in ourselves or in others.

The questions are; "Will you believe in Me? Will you obey My Commands? Will you have Peace from Me and will you Love Me for Who I Am?"