Reality Of Satan

05/03/2016 07:37

Friend, a few words about satan. (I cannot give him a capital "S" unless forced to in the structure of the sentence - he is undeserving.)

The power he has is great, but it is not on the level with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Satan is filled with cruel hatred for all God has created.

He was an angelic being with a spiritual body when we first hear about him in the Bible.

Next he is described as a "fallen angel."

In Matthew 24:24 we are told he can transform himself into an "angel of light." And, by this many will be deceived.

He is known as the "Great Deceiver." His greatness comes from deceiving man and scheming to deceive the inhabitants of Heaven.

He was able to deceive a third of the inhabitants of Heaven the Bible says.

By these statements we can see that God allows free will and it must be for His purposes that we are allowed to sin.

God does not want us to sin, but if we choose it, He will not snatch us back; but, there is an inbuilt price to pay for sin.

Satan's hatred is directed at Jesus the Christ. God loves His Son. Jesus will never sin, as satan has. All Jesus does will be Righteous.

Satan is a copycat. He fraudently copies by what means he is allowed the signs and wonders of our Lord Jesus.

We must be careful when attributing miracles we receive to the Father; if it is not something according to the Will of God, and we receive it, then we have received something from Satan.

Satan will only perform miracles that are against Goodness and Truth. He provides "false christs and prophets" to lead seekers of Peace, Truth, Beauty, Life, Light and Goodness, astray.

God will allow us to be tested and it is up to us to show Him that we believe in Him only, and do not desire to entertain anything satan offers us. We should test the Scripture first before asking for a "miracle" to see if it is in God's Will.

Just saying, "God would want me to have this because I have great need of it to satisfy my "self" is not good enough." We have evil in us and are easily led astray.

Test the Scripture. Find what kind of miracles Jesus performed, and why they were performed, and you will know what the Will of God was in those instances.

Be blessed friend by any new found knowledge written here for our edification.