Receive Showers Of Blessing

19/11/2015 07:42

Friend, a part of Christian living, is in the miracle of blessing.

Blessings from God are always pure and untainted. They always line up with what the Bible says.

Blessings as some people count them, of unholiness, are not of God but are a showing of the copycat satan who fools their wicked hearts.

Every day is a new opportunity for God to pour out His Bounteous Blessings on His people.

If your mind is closed to Him and His Ways, you will not be able to receive the full measure which is intended for you to pass on to others and they to others, and so on.

When He gives it is always full and overflowing meant to bless many.

An example of this is the Bible story where He fed the 4,000 - 5,000 with just a few (5) loaves of bread and (2)fish.  Everyone was fed and there was plenty left over.

The second story within that story is of the disciples who were the instruments of the original blessing and it was up to them to pass on the blessing to the multitudes.

They joyfully did, and were able to tell the story of the miracle as they went along. People believed because the disciples had first passed amongst them earlier, to ask of any stores of food they had, so they could collect and take them to Jesus for the blessing.

Everyone knew there was not enough to feed but ten to twelve people. The people talked among themselves the word spread of the enormity of the problem of feeding them.

But, they stayed, they wanted to hear Jesus speak and they wanted to receive healings and they did not care about the food so much.

In Mark, it says Jesus had compassion for their need for food.

Mark 8:1-2 I have compassion on the multitude, because they have now been with Me three days and have nothing to eat. And if I send them away fasting to their own houses, they will faint by the way: for diverse ones of them came from afar.

There was no anticipation for the food to be multiplied. Up to this point they only trusted for healings, which Jesus had become known for. They are touched in their heart and mind with the teachings and wisdom and Truth He spoke of and they gained from that knowledge, so they stayed with their children and old folks in tow, desirous of learning and receiving healings.

These were trusting people, not yet knowing Jesus was God, and they received the blessing of the blessed food.

Are you a disciple able to pass on the blessing or are you one in the multitude?

Either is good. Both are believers. But, God calls us to step out of the multitude and be a disciple.