Recognize results

27/04/2015 09:41

Friend, do you recognize the answer to your prayers when they do not come like you thought they would?

To-day, I saw a result and it totally surprised me.  Shivers went up my spine!  It was so small, just a few words; yet it was so big a change in another that I was dumbstruck.

All indications were that it would be sometime or never that the change would come. 

But, no, there were a few words that told a big story to me.

Answered prayer that's what it was. 

God is so good!

Praise God for His faithfulness!

Look around, and see what He has done for you.

Recognize it and thank Him.

And keep praying - everyday, all day!

He wants you to speak with Him because in the speaking, He can help you know what His Will is.  The Spirit will interpret for you and you will find yourself stopping to use words more appropriate to His Will. 

God teaching you, His beloved, how to say the words to get the result you need.

Its' so magnificent!