Redeem The Time

21/03/2015 05:36

Friend, let today be the day that you decide to redeem the time you have left on this earth.

Has so much time gone by and so much time been wasted in silly and foolish pursuits?  Reflect for a moment on your life and what you have accomplished.

Will any of that give you entry into heaven to be accepted by a Pure and Holy God to be a part of His Kingdom, the family of God?

If we are truthful most of us cannot answer yes to that question - unless you are already born again of the Spirit and been forgiven by the one who died for your sins to be washed away.

To the Lord, each day is a new beginning.  His Mercy is new every morning.  Yesterday can be forgiven - just ask with a repentant heart.

Begin this morning to walk in His Light and Love and Peace. 

Redeem the time you have left by walking in Truth.

Have a joyful heart, you are loved by the Supreme Being, Jehovah God.

Hold His Peace and Truth closely to your heart to fill you constantly with encouragement and guidance from above. 

He will walk with you every second of the Way, just speak to Him as you go about your day.  Deny any evil thoughts - they only lead you into trouble and away from God.

Redeem the time friend - redeem the time.  It is precious - we have so little of it.