12/01/2016 09:25

Friend, are you joyless in your soul?

There is much to rejoice about when you are a believer in the God above all the gods of this world.

Are you caught up in loving something of this world that does not bring you the joy you thought it would?

We go years and decades sometimes, following something of this world that we believe will bring us the satisfaction, love, wealth, inner peace, knowledge, flesh desire; that "something" that none other has!

We run after other thoughts and ideas put forth by mere humans hoping to find the love and acceptance that our soul and spirit is thirsting for.

If it is worldy we will be disappointed at some time.

We try and try to make it work and some of us die in the midst of it, but if you are still alive and you are still thirsting, then my friend, you must start seeking God and His Will for your life.

He offers the cup of water that quenches thirst and the food of knowledge that satisfies.

The one who can stay the distance with Him is the one who receives Eternal Life in Heaven where a Great Reward is stored up for that soul.

Rejoice today that the Father sent His Son to die and be Resurrected in order for you to have a place in the Heavenly Kingdom.

Rejoice that Jesus cared for your soul enough to subject Himself to the abuse of this earth's peoples to overcome the evil that encroaches on our lives here.

He made a Way for us to be set apart from the evil that besets those around us and to have a personal relationship with Him that will show us the Way to Heaven.

Look around and think also about your situation. Has He not been there? Do you see the subtle things He has done to sustain you - even in your sinfulness?

Rejoice and be grateful for His Sacrifice for you. Thank Him right now.