Release And Forgiveness

15/01/2015 05:34

Today, friend, let us release all unhealthy relationships into the ether.

Take some time alone to go before the Lord and speak to Him of releasing all the bad relationships you have with people.  Even those that you have not created and do not know the source of.

Tell the Lord that you are releasing to Him each person and circumstance, by name and description.

"Lord, I release .........and I release the (anger, shame, hate, hurt, lust,) that I have for ....., fully to You.  Please help me to keep my mind on You so that I can overcome these feelings when next I have an encounter with them."

Ask Him when you have gone through the long list (!) if there is anyone or anything else and wait as you search quietly through your mind.  He will gently show you any you have not mentioned or those you have buried deep.

Then truly give it all to Him.  " Lord, I ask forgiveness for the ill-will I have towards  those people and circumstances.  Lord, I release all these people and circumstances to You and ask You to help me  walk forward in peace."

Ask Him to guard your heart from future encounters so that the situations do not get worse.  Ask Him to help you to be the healer of those relationships if need be.  Perhaps they are over now and you will be moving forward without them in your life, so do not fret over them and wish them back.

You will feel lighter knowing the weight has been taken by the Lord and He is working his perfect Will in them and you no longer have the burden.

This benefits you and will not change the other person completely unless they too are asking the Lord for the same thing. You must guard your heart and mind against continuing or picking up again the bad things you let go.

Pray for "good" for those that you have mentioned and mean it. 

Today let "Release and forgiveness" be your mantra as a reminder should you begin to slip back.