10/07/2020 12:36

Friend, Jesus loves us. 

Look what He did for us, for you!

The Christian experience is one of finding God, searching after Holiness, Gaining Understanding, Knowledge and Wisdom, learning to love in a Holy way, giving of oneself and much more.

Through all these experiences we at some time; hopefully sooner rather than later, come to realize we must repent of our old ways and continue living a God-pleasing existence.

The Holy Spirit directs us to The Word of God, The Holy Bible, The Gospel.

Between the covers of this magnificent Book we find our Lord speaking to us.

We learn about Who God Is; His Law and Will concerning mankind and His Desire and Love for us.

We can be sure after laying all our anxieties and fears and doubts aside, that He is speaking to us through the written Word.

The Bible is striking in that His Words speak to our heart and mind like no other. 

We are moved by certain things that pertain to our own unique existence, when we read and study it.

We come to know that we are sinners. We are just like some of the examples given in the Bible, of sinners!

We doubt, we hate, we are quick to anger and violence, we lie, cheat and steal, we do not honour our parents or others, we use others spitefully, our minds and hearts are against God and all things associated with His Kingdom, we plot and plan against others, we join in satanic offerings and we seek mind altering substances.

The list of sinful behaviours goes on and on!

But, friend, God has made a Way for us and when we recognize our need to have our sins erased, we have a wonderful option devised by God especially for us.

We can repent.

Repentance. This is what John the Baptist preached before the coming of The Lord Jesus.

Before the Crucifixion and Resurrection, the only way for the Jewish people who were the only race The Father was interested in saving, was for them to Repent, turn to God and obey all the Commandments (The Law) and follow their Jewish rulers of the Temple.

Some of these rulers sadly became corrupt and through sheer exhaustion from the sinfulness of the population, devised more and more stringent additional add-on laws to the Commandments of God; which made daily life ever more difficult to live holy before God.

Jesus came to make a Way for all humankind, to be reunited with Him in Heaven.

With His Crucifixion He would pay for all the sins of all the population of the world.

With His Resurrection He would fulfill the New Testament of God - the Holy Addendum to The Ten Commandments.

The Law of God was not abolished. It was made even more important because all men now; not just the Jews, should obey The Law of God.

When we repent of our sinful ways and God sees we are genuinely repentant; our heart grieved by our sinful thoughts and deeds, He is quick to Forgive.

Yes, REPENTANCE brings FORGIVENESS from The Father.

If God agrees we are Repentant; His Word tells us that He no longer remembers those sins.

We remember them, and sadly the devil has the right ( for reasons we do not know - but God is Perfect in all He allows) to tempt us and it is by focusing on Jesus, the Cross and Resurrection, that we are given the strength to overcome.

This is what the Lord wants of us. 

We must OVERCOME our sinful ways.

We are given Forgiveness, and can again ask for Forgiveness, when we sin again, but we must actively fight with the Power of the Lord, to overcome our sinful habits and ways.

This is the pattern of the Christian born-again walk with Jesus, our Saviour, our Light for the Path.