Rest in the Lord

24/11/2014 06:45

Friend, would you say that you find rest in the Lord?

If you have this, you are truly blessed and do know the Lord intimately.

If not, this is something the Lord desires for you - that you rest in Him.

In Matthew 12:28 Jesus speaks and says "Come unto Me all you who are heavily laden, and I will give you rest."

We are all heavily laden in some way.  All of us are welcome to come to Him and receive rest for our souls.

Whatever your burden or burdens are, you can cast them onto Jesus - tell Him what it is that burdens your soul. He wants to hear you articulate it.

Speak it out now to Him.

He wants to give you peace.  When He went to the Cross, your burden was one He carried.  He paid the price for it.  He can help you to untangle yourself from the madness of your problems.  He can bestow peace upon you. 

You must return to Him for the refreshing water constantly as evil will be at your heels trying to keep the burden on you.  That is a light burden and one that renews and soothes - the returning to Him constantly.