Romans 3:24

20/08/2016 20:26

Romans 3:24

You are Justified freely by His Grace, through the Redemption obtained for you at the Cross by Christ Jesus.

Friend, what a magnificient Gift our Lord is freely offering us.

God says we are sinners before we are Justified.

There is no way of getting out of what God has proclaimed unless we recognize the Sacrifice for our sins, that Jesus fulfilled when He went to the Cross, an innocent and sinless Holy Sacrifice; the only type that would complete the Law calling for punishment for sins.

Jesus paid the price of our punishment, death, and made a new Way for us to be Redeemed.

The Father Who will sit on the Great Throne at the Great Judgement of all souls will see the REDEEMED "status" of our soul and will separate us from the unredeemed; those who would not hear what the Holy Spirit had to say during their lifetime.

"Oh, it's all a bunch of hogwash."

"There's no such thing as an afterlife, when you're dead, that's it."

"There is no God."

"I've always been good. My thoughts are good. I'm a  moral person, I don't need a Saviour."

"I'll just explain to God how it was for me with all my troubles and he'll be understanding."

"I never killed anyone. Life's hard and we all have to sin a little."

" I was a bit of a rebel once but got my life together and God will see how good I was."

"My riches make me above the need for someone to die for me. I can pay my way. I might not even have to die."

"I think I will slide into Heaven. God will give me a pass just as I have received many passes throughout my life."

"I believe in God, just not Jesus."

"God will not believe all the good works I have done. Everyone loved me!"

" There's a back door, I'll get in some way. I always do."

"God will find me very persuasive and He'll be impressed with my lawyer speak."

"Christians are idiots. I'll hide amongst them and God will never know."

So many reasons! Do you have one?

But God's Grace says that He gives us this life to come to the understanding that He Is Who He Is, and He has made Law, the Son's Sacrifice..

This life is a time where the Holy Spirit works tirelessly to prove that we need a Saviour and then to show us Who our Saviour is.

This is the Grace of God, that He sees us who believe in His Son, as being washed in the Blood of the Sacrificial Lamb (Jesus).

Through Jesus, we are cleansed and made new. God does not see our sin. He sees the Blood that His Son shed at the Cross.

We accept the Gift of Eternal Lfe from Jesus and the Father accepts us into the Kingdom.

Multitudes will rejoice around the Throne and dine at the Supper of the Lamb.

2 Timothy 1:9 Not by works of righteousness that we have done, but according to His Mercy, He hath saved us."

It is God's Pleasure to welcome us into the Kingdom under the Banner of Christ.

Once we die on earth, there is no more "time" for us to make the choice to follow Jesus the Lamb of God, the King above all kings, the Lord and Master of Heaven and all creation,.

It is during this earthly time that we have to come to the nowledge of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Bible will affirm this. God speaks to us through the Word.

It's important to note that the "other" side, that of evil run by satan, is very small in number compared to God and the inhabitants of the Kingdom.

Choose Eternal Life and the winning side. This is your time now to give all of your allegiance to God and vow to know and serve Him.

How Gracious is God to give you this opportunity right now, in the state your soul is at this very minute. He does not care about your sin if you have made a choice to love His Son who died for your sins to be forgiven. 

The Holy Spirt will surround you and keep you from harm as He works to help you to renew your mind, body and soul.

You will be guaranteed a place in the Kingdom with Jesus in Heaven.