Rulers Of Men

11/10/2016 21:18

Friend, Holy God Almighty is the Ruler of all things.

Yet, unlike the rulers of men on earth, we have access to Him and He listens intently and with great compassion and chooses to love us and bless us as He would a child of His.

Think about that aspect of God.

Maybe you live in a country that has a king or queen. What would it take for you to be able to speak directly to them?

Even in my own country which has a Prime Minister holding the highest office I would not be able to walk in to his office or his home and speak directly to him unless I had jumped through many legal hurdles and had what would be considered a valid reason to speak to him in person.

It's not easy to even get to speak to Govenors, Police Chiefs, and other heads of departments both in the commercial sector and government arenas.

But, with God, we are able to speak to Him at any time and about anything.

At any given time, He will listen and be attentive if all of the people on earth speak to Him at once.

In fact, this is what He desires from us!

He can handle it. 

His Power is way above what we can imagine. 

Prayer is just speaking to God.

Communing with Him first as a child and then allowing the Spirit to guide you into the deeper relationship levels where God connects with your spirit to bring healing and abundant inner life, just because you have shown Him you respect and love Him.

The quality and pureness of your love for Him brings about the same back to you in His answers to your supplications. 

He will pour out Righteousness over you and Blessing according to His Law and Justice when you walk in His Holy Will and love Him unconditionally with no fear or mistrust of what His Will is concerning you.

Because He is a Good God all the time and all the time He is a good God.