Satan Wants The Adoration

05/08/2016 21:57

Friend, satan is after the adoration that belongs to Jesus.

He desires to overthrow the Holy Trinity.

He is very jealous of Jesus.

He wishes to gather souls to himself who belong to Jesus.

When Jesus ascended, the Father gave Jesus the right to claim all those souls who believe in Him, as His own brothers and sisters.

Satan does not want this to happen.

He wants the Throne and all the accompanying splendours and glories that rightfully belongs to Jesus.

He sees the Power that is the Son's and like the evil being he is, he will stop at nothing to try to get it.

Friend, it is not going to happen that satan will accomplish his devious desire.

God has a Plan for him and all who follow after him desiring to be victors over the Trinity of Love.

Satan has been judged and is serving out a "probationary" period. Almost like house arrest but more like "earth" arrest where he has privileges to go out and about and being the evil being he is, he will not be rehabilitated but causes havoc and dissent everywhere he goes.

He is going to be the loser and all who follow him are now losers and will suffer the same punishment as Lucifer!

Whose side have you chosen?

The Victor's or the Loser's?

Now is the time to get right with God.

If you understand the above explanation; you have a choice.

Choose now to accept the Free Gift of Forgiveness and Salvation as offered by God's Son, Jesus.