Scales from the eyes

15/08/2014 13:53

Beloved, scales must fall from your eyes so that you can see the truth, and know that you are His beloved.

Scales will often fall when we read the Truth.  So too, willl they fall when we hear the Truth.

In the hymn Amazing Grace, it tells of this blindness from the scales that cover our eyes;

"I once was blind, but now I see."

Can you say that?

It is important that we see how great and mighty God is. 

When the scales begin to fall we see the beauty and majesty of God and the world and all it's lies and deceptions begin to become the lesser pull in our life. 

God will show you in your inner being how wonderful He is.

You will see the devil for the liar he is!

You won't miss anything of the world.  All that noise is just a distraction to keep you occupied until your time is up.

Be willing to let the scales fall. 

Thank God for your life, for leading you to this site so you can read about Him.  A scale will fall!