See God's Glory

02/04/2015 16:17

Friend, it is true we cannot see the Glory of God when we are not believing in Him. 

The Glory of God is something that the world does not understand.  He keeps His Glory hid from those who won't accept Him.

We, human beings, want to be able to see God's Great Glory and then we will believe - maybe!

God knows this about us.  He knows where those thoughts come from.  They are not God originated.

Evil says to us that we don't have to believe unless we see.  It is amazing that we believe this when in fact we cannot see satan either but we go along with the evil thoughts he puts in our head.

Do we think that we can say to God, "The devil made me do it?" - and be called blameless?

Friend, God's Glory is revealed only to those who seek Him.  We see it in the little simple things of life and all the way through to the magnificent things of life.

We see it in the eyes of babies, and animals and all things beautiful and good.  The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see.  It's like scales come off daily so we see new aspects of God's Glory and Magnificence.

Seek Him and Him alone and you too will be given new eyes to see with, new ears to hear with and new thoughts to know with.