Workers in God's Vineyard

15/09/2016 21:44

Friend, believers have received the Gift of Freedom from eternal punishment in Hell designed for the devil and his followers.

Surely you do not want to be in their company for eternity?

True evil only shows short bursts of it's unholy, terrible, disgusting and horrific nature here on this earth. Mostly it dresses up and uses many faces and facades to cover it's true identity in order to fool those who want to "enjoy" life; not be bothered with "religion."

Our lifetime is such a short one!

Evil knows this, and starts working on us very early in life.

But, God who has given us life, is caring for us as well.

Even a small child knows when he or she has done something naughty.

If we don't teach them from a young age what God would have us teach our children, then we leave our child too close to the clutches of satan and his demonic forces.

Seek Godly Peace always. It is found in His Truth. There are no lies in the Law. It will settle your mind to know God's Law.

You will receive Peace from on High when you understand Who God Is and what He has done for you under the New Covenant that is in addition to the Old Covenant. God doesn't have to do away with a Law to bring in another. He is Perfection in all He does, and knows beforehand what is going to happen.

In His Infinite Wisdom, He allows evil a certain amount of rein, but there is also only a certain amount of time, governed by Law, that evil has here on earth.

We do not know exact times, but we can be assured that God is in control; and there is a wonderful Peace that comes with knowing His Will His Plan and Law is enough, because He Loves us. The One True God ruler of all existence, loves you and me..

It's futility to work against Him!

We gain so much when we decide to not try to control things, but to be a willing helper for God on earth.

He is looking for workers in His Vineyard.

Let's pull the weeds from our own soul and begin to til the soil where God asks us to; beginning as an apprentice and maturinig into a valuable worker who will plant and water and fertilize.

There will be a Grand Party of Heavenly Celebrations and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb awaiting those who believe.