Seek His Peace & Truth

11/03/2015 21:38

Friend, are you feeling downtrodden by the world?

Seek the Peace and Truth of God and you will find Love for your soul like you have never experienced before.

He waits to shower you with Truth - which fills you with Peace and Love for Him and others.

Make a pact with yourself to seek Him and to know Him and to receive all the good things He has for you.

There will be trials to go through but with Him all things are brought together for good in your life.  The process of walking the narrow road to Heaven with Jesus who loves you is a beautiful journey. 

He fills you with Joy and seeks always -  your happiness.

He will go before and find the perfect Way for you. 

The life you have lived so far has brought consequences and they do not immediately go away but He closes doors and open others so that your way through the murky mire you have landed in, is made clean and clear so you can move forward in Love and Light on the Righteous Path.

Stay connected to Him above all else.  Know that He is for you.  Know that He loves you. 

Remember you have made many bad choices and have dug yourself deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Your faith will be the level that He uses to help you.  Great faith; big help.  Litttle faith only stirs Him a little.

Have the big bold faith.  Read the Holy Bible to find out what Jesus calls faith or belief.  He speaks of it often to His disciples.  Those words are for you today. 

You are the disciple now - and He is speaking those words to you.

Clear your mind of all the worldly woes and meditate on His words.  They are for you and me to keep hidden in our hearts and mind.  They are the wellspring of love from His heart to ours.

When someone comes against you or something doesn't go well at work  then remember that the God of all creation, loves you and this little matter needs to be dealt with in the way that Jesus teaches in the Scriptures.

Humble heart and forgiving mind.  That other person most likely does not know what you know and they are acting out in a worldly way towards you. 

A believer is not haughty or all-knowing, so have a humble heart.  Only "yesterday" you were the unbeliever.

Forgive and move on.  Honour your committments and do not run from problems that God has asked you to overcome. 

But do run from all manner of addictive behaviour.  Turn your back on these and do not undertake to start new addictions.  You will have your heart full just overcoming the sins that plague your mind and body when you surrender your life to Him.  

Be blessed as you seek to find Peace and Truth and Love.

Suggested scripture Romans 5: 1-5