Seek Peace

16/02/2015 10:10

Friend, is there discord in your relationships?

The Lord, says that we should always strive to seek peace.

The world today encourages discord and disharmony.  It values those who are selfish and will not give way to another.  "May the best man win" is the mantra of the media, entertainment and in the workplace.  This has translated into our homes, extended family relationships and friendships, where we see arguments that lead to violence.

Even our children have been so exposed to it that they too at young ages are developing angry and violent tendencies.

Can you see clearly your own involvement in this type of thinking or angry physicality? 

Ask the Lord to help you to seek peace.  Forgiveness is the first step.  Forgive yourself with the Lord's blessing and forgive others. 

Make a stand today to not be a discordant soul.

Seek the Peace of Jesus for yourself and others.