Seek The Light

24/03/2015 10:52

Friend, today seek the Light of the world and be encouraged in your spirit to know that He is the Light of the world.

In all things He will enlighten you and fill you with peace because you know that He is Good and working all things together for your good and His.

When the dark clouds of life roll in, stand firm and symbolically push them away with your hands so that only His Light and Love may be allowed to shine in your world.

Raise your hands to heaven and praise the Lord who is working on your behalf to do good for you.

Tell Him that you know He is Goodness and Love and Truth to you and invite Him to take over your days and nights.

He will be the Beacon of Light up ahead on your road that you can focus on.  The Light shining forth from Him will fill you with wisdom and give you peace because you can see the world how He sees it and you will recognize obstacles and troubles ahead and be shown the Way through the rough patches of road that evil is constantly digging up and flooding, and throwing down boulders from mountaintops to cause you to stumble and turn back.

Seek the Light of Jesus who came to be Light for you.  It is a Gift you are entitled to open and be blessed by.