Self is Selfish For Itself

12/03/2015 05:23

Friend, as a believer we cannot be selfish.  We must be selfless.

Jesus will take care of us.  Our needs will be met. 

Have faith that He loves and cares for you and believe that you walk in His Grace and Mercy.

Speak to Him often.  Come to Him with all your cares and woes and pray for those who hurt you.

His ear is tuned to your voice.  He hears you when you cry and He loves to hear your praise - it prompts Him to give.  Praise Him often with a pure heart of joy and thanksgiving for who He is and what He does for you.  Let Him know you love Him.

He is so Good that when you praise Him, the Love He has for you will flow directly into your soul and fill you with His Peace.

Recognize that He is a giving God.  To deny this is to miss out on your right as a believer to receive Goodness and Mercy from Him.

Turn your "self" over to Jesus for emptying and refilling with His Holy Spirit.  Tell Him you are doing this and do it daily or "minutely" if it is hard for your "self" to let go and "let God."

Do not allow the self to have a high place but instead, humble yourself before the altar of Almighty God and breathe in the aroma of Heaven and breathe out the stink and nastiness of this world.

He desires you become a new creature in Him and His Ways.

This Path is the one of learning, seeing, loving, joyfulness, gratitude, and peace.  All this while going about daily life - not having to give up a job and go find a cave to hide from the world!

No, a Christian is in the world but not of the world.